Impart Media Confirmation Gadget

Unlike all the previous gadgets, the confirmation gadget doesn't require or accept and settings. It exists only to show the link to the itinerary PDF file, and creates the link in the specified selector element.

Unfortunately, having not made a booking, it normally wouldn't display anything, so we've started the gadget with a demo option to force a dummy version to show it:

Here is the code that started the gadget on this page

<script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    $w(function() {

You can edit the above code and either: hit esc or click this paragraph to refresh the gadget...

Confirmation Gadget Defaults

If not supplied, these are the default values for the Confirmation Gadget

thankYouText:   'Thank you for your booking. 
                 You can download your itinerary 
                 with the link below.'
pdfLinkText:    'Download your itinerary 
                 PDF now.'

Each option is described below.


This is the text shown above the itinerary link.


This is the text of the link to the itinerary.