Impart Media Auth Gadget

This gadget will refuse to start up if the page protocol is not https (SSL). The code that started this page's gadget is below:

The purpose of this gadget is to authenticate a guest or agent on your website.

This gadget should be included on any page you want the user to be able to login, or that you want to show the currenlty logged in user's details.

If this gadget is included on the same page as the booking gadget, it will pre-populate the user's contact details, and bookings will be stored against their Bookeasy account.

Here is the code that started the gadget on this page

<script src="//"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    $w(function() {
        BE.gadget.auth('#auth-example', { providers: [ "Guest" ] } );

You can edit the above code and either: hit esc or click this paragraph to refresh the gadget...

Auth Gadget Defaults

If not supplied, these are the default values for the Confirmation Gadget

providers: []
tokens: {}
autoExtend: true
autoExtendRatio: 0.2

Each option is described below.


An array of authentication providers to display. Possible values: "Guest", "AanzMembership, Agent"


An object containing the pre-authenticated tokens of the user. This field should not be populated.


Whether to periodically refresh the user's session, thus keeping them logged in.


The percentage of time remaining on the user's session before an automatic extend is triggered.